Michelle Dinsmore

Vice President, Overit Media

By nature, yin and yang are opposites. However, each relies on the other for balance and one cannot exist without the other.

Michelle Dinsmore

“Not only did many of us become friends, but we have the benefit of serving as professional sounding boards for one another.”

Meet Michelle and Dan Dinsmore. “She’s the yin to my yang,” remarks Dan, who readily admits the huge undertaking of relocating their multimedia company would never have happened without her.

When Michelle saw the vacant Spanish monastery-style church on New Scotland Avenue last year, she began to dream how the space would metamorphose into what it is now: home to Overit Media.

“It’s funny,” Michelle laughs when describing their vastly different offices in the
renovated Depression-era house of worship. “Dan’s office screams ‘masculine’
and ‘serious’ while mine is very ‘bubble gum’, complete with vibrant colors, a purple couch, toys, and a crazy candy jar.”

Despite their décor differences, Michelle and Dan have always been linked through friendship, music, and human compassion.

“I was a booking agent with Northern Lights when I ended up booking Dan’s band,” she explains about how the two met. Michelle’s career took her around the country but she and Dan never lost touch.

After spending time in New York City and St. Louis, Michelle made her way back home in November 2003 to become the District Marketing Manager with Borders Group, Inc. “These are my roots,” she explains of the Capital Region. “And it was time for me to come home and grow wings.”

The first wing she sprouted was unexpected. “Dan and I had been friends for more than 10 years,” she shares. “So when our friendship turned romantic, it really surprised us both.”

The second wing was more of a given. “I’m one of those people who loves to learn,” says Michelle. “I could just keep going to school.” A disciple of education, Michelle chose to further her education via the University at Albany Weekend MBA Program because it offered the diversification and flexibility she both needed and wanted.

“Everyone in my cohort was there to better themselves through knowledge,” she notes. The more time she spent in the addictively challenging learning environment, the more she recognized she needed a change in her career. “The position I’d held for more than a year had become like making toast and I craved something with room for upward mobility.”

Beneath the umbrella of, “I’ll help you out as I search for a job,” Michelle began working with Dan in the sales department at Overit Media. “Actually at the time, I was the sales department,” she chuckles.

“I’ve always had a real passion for Overit,” continues Michelle. She began showcasing the company and managing accounts. Client growth happened organically and quickly. “And then… I just stayed! The business became one of my children in many regards.”

Now married for nearly five years, Michelle and Dan Dinsmore’s “other children” include 4-year-old son Braydon and 6-month-old daughter Sierra. “We also serve 38 employees,” she says. “Which is much more than the seven or so, who were working at Overit when I “stopped by to help out” in 2005.”

Working with your spouse certainly has its challenges, the most monumental being the discipline of keeping work and home separate. “The best thing about working with Dan is I find my husband to be brilliant and inspiring,” affirms Michelle with a smile. “I love seeing him in action.”

For nearly 20 years, Overit Media has been the force behind the creative design and development of top brands nationwide, including Marvel, Nickelodeon, Trump, Catseye, the Chicago Bulls, imo.im, Clarizen, Wifarer, Kogeto and many more. Overit’s new online presence showcases the company’s many accolades and honors, including more than three dozen national marketing and PR awards and a nationally recognized motion graphics, animation, video and illustration practice.

Without hesitation, Michelle notes Overit’s biggest salute to success lies in their desire to truly know and understand their clients and offer solutions that make sense for them on a client by client basis. She credits her MBA from the UAlbany Weekend MBA Program for equipping her with practical business acumen. “Because of the knowledge I gained by earning my MBA, I can better communicate with clients about their overall business strategy.”

If you are a working professional, who wants to advance your career or personhood, Michelle believes the UAlbany Weekend MBA Program is, “a very efficient way to grow.” For her, the structure of the program was both helpful and applicable in advancing the company she runs with her husband.

“For two years, you and your classmates are in it together,” Michelle describes the program. “You work on a lot of things together – sometimes painstakingly – and can’t help but build camaraderie and support.” Michelle still maintains relationships with several from her cohort noting, “Not only did many of us become friends, but we have the benefit of serving as professional sounding boards for one another.”

Fully content with marching to her own creative beat, Michelle shares, “When I get old, I hope to revert to more of a child. You will be able to find me roaming around in bright pink socks with rainbows and a unicorn on my orange shirt and giant purple denim pants with patches all over shaped like stars. Or wait. You might find me like that now.”

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